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Howell's Guide Fishing Service of Port Townsend, Washington.




Arkansas Fly Fishing Guide

Howell's Guide Service

Fish in the west coast of the olympic peninsula

Mission Statement

   Howell’s Guide Service seeks to provide you access to our world class fisheries of Arkansas, while in continued pursuit of ethical and sustainable fishing practices.

Fly Trips. Spey Trips. Gear Trips.

   We firmly believe that the outdoors is for EVERYONE and are beyond happy to provide service and learning to all those that seek it!

Guide Fishing Service in te Olympic Peninsula

The Fish That We Catch

    The sacred waters of Arkansas offer fishing at all times of the year with a variety of species that produce a unique adventure every time.  What makes this fishery so special is that you can utilize multiple disciplines of angling to catch Brown, Rainbow, Brooke and Cutthroat Trout all year long. From huge streamers, jigs and stickbaits in the winter to hoppers and dry flies in the summer the Tailwaters on the White River here in Bull Shoals, Ar, produce some of the biggest trout species IN THE WORLD!!!!


    It is no secret that our big fish and beautiful runs are in trouble and supporting healthy fisheries is crucial to the continuation of this sport in Northwest Arkansas. This is why Catch and Release of trophy level fish is the foundation of our practice. Perhaps the best aspect of fishing the White River is our ability to put you in limitless fishing scenarios offering a gratifying variety.


    Whether you are a seasoned vet or just learning how to swing a Spey rod, we can get you in the right position to catch the fish of your dreams.  Recently, the AGFC has put into place regulations to help support our fish runs for future generations. We support this decision whole heartedly out of our respect and gratitude for our rivers of the OP. 


    With that being said, it is a good idea to bring waders to ensure those "screaming reel moments" go smoothly. If you are in need we can provide some for you.


    Above all else the journey of chasing fish in Arkansas is bound to create memories for years to come!

Our Owner Mike Howell Catching Fish in Port Townsend, Washington

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Phone: 773-554-4482 


Address: 929 Water St Port Townsend, Wa 98368

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