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Howell's Guide Fishing in Olympic Peninsula, Washington. The best fishing guide in Port Townsend.

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Howell's Guide Service. 

Guide Fishing in Port Townsend, Washington.

Fishing on west coast of the Olympic peninsula

    After spending nearly 25 years chasing various species of Trout, Bass, Catfish, Tuna and Salmon across the world I finally "settled down" on the Olympic Peninsula due to its world class fisheries and outstanding beauty!


    I owe my love for the rivers and the outdoors to my grandfather who, besides my usual school studies, made sure I was well versed in reading water and chasing fish.  A lot has changed since those days of floating down the White River and filling the smoker full of Rainbows, but one thing hasn't. Our passion for protecting and learning from our fisheries. 


    My years of fishing across the spectrums has led me to a point where helping others learn, appreciate, and adapt to new fishing (or old fishing) styles and locations brings me immense joy. 


    I look forward to fishing with you in the future!

Tight Lines,

Mike Howell

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