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Spey Fishing, Gear Fishing in Port Townsend. In the Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

The Fishing

Spey Fishing

We. Love. Spey. Whether it is stripping flies for salmon, skating flies for cutthroat with 3wts or swinging big ass flies through fishy runs, we love swinging Spey. When fishing for Steelhead in the winter time (or bigger OP species in general) it is imperative to have the proper gear, we of course provide your gear but should you want to bring your own we recommend the following:

Reel: GOOD BRAKES large arbor, between 7-8-9 backed up 150yrds of 25-30lb backing.

Rods: 12-15ft 7-8-9wts medium-fast action rods are best for those big fish situations we encounter.

Lines: Things change quickly out in these parts so we use a variety of shooting heads and sink tips to get the job done.

Shooting Heads: Floating or Multi Density Shooting heads provide the perfect tool to initiate that swing and change up presentations.

Sink Tips: From T8-T17 you never know what situation you will run into and it is best to keep some options on hand, it can also be fun to play with variations of Rio's MOW and IMOW tips.

Leaders: In the winter time 15lb-20lb flourocarbon gets the job done.

Flies: ***Single Barbless Hooks ONLY*** It is good to have plenty of ammo when you are out here but key components for a good fly out here are movement, profile, desired weight, color and a little bit of luck. Some of my favorite go to’s include (all in varying colors and weights): Senyo "OCD"- Joe Rutter's "Steel Your Face"-Standard Intruder Patterns-Egg Sucking Leeches.


Gear Fishing

Whether it be twitching jigs, pitching spinners or float fishing there are a variety of methods and gear choices when you are in pursuit of your own personal best on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Rods: Float Fishing 10ft 15-20lb rating-Twitch Fishing 8ft 15-20lb rating.

Reels: Mostly preference but people bounce between baitcaster reels and spinning reels, we use spinning since it tends to be a style most people are acquainted with.

Line: For low water conditions we use green Power Pro 30lb and in high water the yellow Power Pro.

Leader: 8-15lb Flourocarbon 

Gear: Various sizes and colors of spinners, jigs, and bobber set ups with beads/pink worms to help land your fish.

The Rivers

We fish the Hoh, Sol Duc, Bogachiel and Quileute Rivers.

Each of these rivers provide their own unique challenges and experience to be had. They will satisfy all skill levels of anglers. Their beauty is unsurpassed and the rewards can pay out with a fish that checks in at the 30lb range. Check below for river gauges!

Hoh River Flow

Bogachiel River Flow

Sol Duc River Flow 

Spey Fishing
Gear Fishing
The Rivers
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